Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Loud in Here

So, I came to this coffee shop, Brew House in town to check out their wi-fi and see if they had electric sockets near any tables. Wi-fi needs a password, but otherwise free and at least a few of the booths along the walls have plug access, including the table I'm sitting at.

Anyway, here I am just minding my own business, drinking a peppermint mocha and in comes some people with guitars and other electric music components. It stated out humbly enough, a couple guitar players/singers warming up quietly and softly, then they began to take turns at the microphone and more people came into the shop.

I work late during the weekdays and am completely ignorant about what happens in my town in the evenings, besides the shootings and yelling in my neighborhood, the local ghetto. There were no posters on the windows of the coffee shop and no one asked for money. So I suppose it's just a local thing where random people can come in and show off their skills. I don't even know anyone's names or if they are a group or anything at all. But they draw a crowd and I suspect this is a weekly event.

And the crowd is kind of noisy.

I didn't really expect a coffee shop to be the local hangout of kids after school or on holiday break, but I guess they have to go somewhere. There are no arcades or dance clubs around here.

The music was nice and there was even a beat box dude near the end of the "show" showing off his wub-wub effects. The guitar players were all acoustic and borderline folk singers, or maybe you could call them modern folk...I don't follow the scene so I'm pretty ignorant about such things.

I like this environment better than Bigby's. I've been there a couple of times, but it's certainly a more corporate atmosphere. Here at the Brew House I get a sense of independence, a place more welcoming of the arts.

It's just past eight thirty in the evening and there is a faint golden hue outside the large windows overlooking the highway that runs by the shop. The Brew House is only open until 9pm and people are starting to leave while a song writer from California is singing his second song. I've just emptied my second peppermint mocha.

I'll come again.

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